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Pele Jewellery Azure Turquoise /Gold Ring

$48 $95

This ring will evoke images of turquoise waters and golden beaches.

Genuine natural turquoise gemstone from Arizona in beach gold alloy and sterling silver setting. Unique and abstract, each ring is hand formed and is one-of-a-kind.

The Pele collection is all about finding joy and solace in artful, unique and thoughtful designs that are expertly forged by hand with time, love and care.

Adjustable in size.

Pelé Jewellery is born from a love of lustre, shimmer, clean lines, raw textures and white, bright and deep colours in their purity from the earth and sea.

The Pelé collections are designed in the tropical sea side town of Port Douglas using precious metals, gems, corals, glass, resins, reclaimed alloys and high lustre natural pearls.

Gold jewellery is triple gold dipped over sterling silver using either 14k gold, 18k gold or rose gold. It is then sealed with a hard finish so the gold stays gold and is tarnish resistant.

Reclaimed alloys such as our special “beach gold” are incorporated into many Pelé designs to create jewellery that is not only beautiful but earth friendly. These alloys are now finished with our special hard finish to avoid any patina.

Our components are sourced from Australia and around the globe. All of our jewellery is ethically constructed within our own workshops and everything is finished in Oz to ensure a quality item for you.

Colour: Mother of Pearl

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