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Dreamers + Drifters Yin Yang Bamboo Cotton Tee

$40 $79.99

Oversized, slouchy silhouette in ultra soft fabric.

Yin is a symbol of earth, femaleness. It is present in even numbers, in valleys and streams.

Yang is conceived of as heaven, maleness, light. It is present in odd numbers, in mountains.

  • 100% ORGANIC bamboo
  • Lightweight 110 gsm
  • Inspired by a balanced life
  • Handmade with love in Bali
  • Limited supply

We at Dreamers & Drifters are devoted to creating clothing that is thoughtfully manufactured,

ethically crafted and we continue to work towards being as sustainable as possible,

from our fabrics to the factories, we work with and the charities we support.

Our garments are lovingly designed in-house in Australia by Verity, including our all-original prints and hand-drawn artworks.

Our unique designs and styles are influenced greatly by our magical hometown of Byron Bay.

We’re driven by slow fashion, meaning we rely on small production runs to minimise wastage and create well-made,

lasting pieces that are totally timeless, and hold minimal stock quantities for each style to avoid overproduction.

We opt for sustainable fabrics wherever possible, such as natural linen, organic cotton and organic bamboo,

as these are not only better for the environment and the farmers involved but also tend to improve with wear and feel soft on the skin.

Colour: White

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