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Bling Bar Jewellery Ariel Mini Hoop Arancia (Orange)


Our Ariel Charm is back in a new setting. Featuring a Mini hoop in vintage gold plating, a ZESTY new bead colour & did we mention the charm is removable ?!

Specifications. 16mm Wide Hoop, 24mm High Charm
Plating Finish. Vintage

Each piece comes with a gorgeous pink Bling Bar protective pouch that doubles as a polishing cloth.

As with all jewellery, plating can tarnish or fade over time, to prevent this oxidisation we have the following tips on how to care for your Bling Bar Jewels and have them looking like new!

Try & avoid the following: Moisture (water, sweat).
- Excess humidity (keeping your jewellery in your bathroom can aid oxidisation).
- Chlorine, makeup & any chemicals (including perfume & body lotions / oils).

Bling Bar is an Australian fashion jewellery brand that was founded in 2017 by mother and daughter team Anna and Remy Cerritelli.   Drawing inspiration from their Italian origins, the Bling Bar brand focuses on the creation of beautiful designs that are unique and that can be worn by everyone. Bling Bar's signature look mixes bold, modern, on-trend designs with a feminine edge that can switch from day to night with ease.

Colour: Orange

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